Liina Mäki-Patola

Basic information

b. 1985, Kangaslampi
Visual Artist
Residence: Helsinki

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Artist’s Statement

2.nd of July 2011

"At times I think about disappearings. In my dreams the characters are surrounded by white weightlessness. I read stories about the Bermuda Triangle and ponder where is the starting poind/ end poind of the world. While drawing, I have dreamt of adventures in space, mountains, colorful triangular huts and getting lost in the purple haze."
Show biography


Liina Mäki-Patola (b.1985) lives and works in Helsinki. She has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tampere Polytechnics in 2009.
Mäki-Patola has participated in the Young Artists 2009 group exhibition in Kunsthalle Helsinki amongst other group exhibitions. Her latest private ehibition the TRIANGLE in 2011 was presented in Napa Gallery, Helsinki.

Mäki-Patola combines various drawing and painting techniques with installation. The characters of Mäki-Patola’s works often appear in the state of tragicomic and nostalgia.