Pitsiä arjen reunoilla

Katariina Salmijärvi: Pitsiä arjen reunoilla

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Lace on Everyday's Edges, nails, 12 m
Puisto Environmental Art Exhibition, Helsinki 2007

"Edging lace is a traditional way of handicraft which has been used to decorate ordinary textiles for example towels and sheets. Katariina Salmijärvi executes to the Park - Environmental Art and Sculpture Exhibition a lace that follows the path beaten to grass and is made by thousands of nail heads. The plant pattern of the lace is a loan from old handicraft models and so it is a tribute to the old skills of handicraft and to the masters of it but it is also a honour to all those who use the path on their ordinary travels to work, shop and library. The work is situated to the back part of Ala-Malmin puisto area where is no ornamental plants so it continues the theme of the park as well there by its geometrical pattern and theme of plants."

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