Mainichi Mundane // 毎日 Mundane

Elina Moriya: Mainichi Mundane // 毎日 Mundane

Valmistumisvuosi: 2016
Tekniikka: Kaksikanavainen videoinstallaatio
Kaksikanavainen videoinstallaatio, ääni

The essential interrogation in the ‘Mainichi Mundane (2016)’ is the presence of aesthetics in the everyday, shifting and integrating the meanings from Finland and Japan. This enquiry is addressing individual, social and cultural memory, in relation to sensory experiences, to question how the traces of our personal history are manifested in the present in our interpretations.

By presenting symbolic appearances that can be interpreted in multiple ways, possible assumptions that might have been born are reframed. In addition, sensory experiences in relation to memory influence interpretations of the piece, thus the meaning of the visual is constructed visually and sensually (aural and olfactory). However, ability to access the interpretative constructs is not essential, although doing so might shift the reading of the aesthetic to the mundane.