Annuli Viherjuuri

b. 1984, Asikkala
Visual Artist, Painter
Residence: Kokkola

Contact information

Phone number: 0503403789

Artist’s Statement

My art works are mainly made of one or more human figures surrounded by their own world. Although I like to make figures as pedantic as possible and I try to achieve classic beauty standard, a figure is meant to be just a dealer for emotional expression. Sensitivity is my way to see, feel and achieve something bigger than words through art.
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Annuli Viherjuuri (b. 1984) has been involved in joint exhibitions in Finland and abroad and she has had solo exhibitions since 2006. She graduated as Bachelor of Fine Art from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in 2008. Viherjuuri was The Young Artist of Summer 2010 at The Art Center Salmela. There are her art works in public collections for example in Oulu Museum of Art (OMA). She lives and works in Kokkola, Finland.