Frequently asked questions:

Identification and evaluation of artworks and signatures?

The Artists’ Association of Finland does not offer a service for identification or evaluation of artworks.

Why is data on a deceased artist missing from the register?

If an artist has belonged to one of the association’s member organisations and their data is missing in the online database, please check the last printed edition of the register, from 2004. Kuvataiteilijat 2004 can be ordered from Kustannus Oy Taide. Enquiries: sales and marketing director Tuula Airas, tuula.airas(at)artists.fi.

What do I need to do to have my data included in the register?

Only professional artists are represented in the register. Artist members of all the member organisations of the Artists’ Association of Finland (Artists’ Association MUU, Association of Finnish Sculptors, Association of Finnish Printmakers, Finnish Painters’ Union and Union of Artist Photographers in Finland) are automatically eligible to join the register.

Artists who are not members of any of the above organisations can apply for inclusion in the register by submitting a freeform application to the Artists’ Association. Since only professional artists can be accepted, the applicant must provide proof of their professionalism by criteria such as art education, artist grants received, works in art collections or in public spaces, and exhibitions, along with other activities deemed professional. Applications are considered twice a year: applications for the next round must be submitted no later than October 31, 2019.

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