Eeva- Liisa Sorainen

Basic information

b. 1957, Nakkila
Residence: Äänekoski

Contact information

Phone number: 050 4671674

Artist’s Statement

I produce pictures, because my head is that kind. I try to understand the surrounding world.
The problem is that there are too many interesting things. All the time there is a choice to do.

Concentrating in something that is difficult enough I feel happy. Working with a piece with three dimensions is a good way.
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Eeva-Liisa Sorainen, b.30.5.1957 in Nakkila, Finland.
Graduated in Pori, art studies in Turku.
Took part in several exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Fire sculptures.
Equine College in Ypäjä 2006-2008, harness maker.