Elina Tammiranta-Summa

Basic information

b. 1958, Koijärvi
Visual Artist
Residence: Espoo

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Artist’s Statement

My paintings are aquarelles on paper.
I have chosen so due to the sensitivity and the challenging nature of the technique. The paintings are based on multi-sensory experiences and the effect they have on me. I depict phenomena which I cannot put into words.
A painting is just a painting, an innocent child of a patient and joyful process.
The process is slow and it is based on trust to the powers of composition and colour. The layeredness of tones and the illusory depth within a colour are some of the methods I consciously use. The names of my paintings have to do with music or with an experience of a place or, sometimes, with immersing myself in the nature of a colour. I paint with a seeker’s curiosity.

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