Greta-Mari Voijola

s. 1967, Helsinki
Visual Artist
Residence: Helsinki
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Greta-Mari Voijola is a Finnish fine artist who lives in Helsinki. Greta-Mari studied painting at the Norden School of Art, in Kokkola, in 1991-1993. In 1995, while she studies in Art Academy of Helsinki, Greta-Mari participated ARS-95 Master Class and was tutored by Lewis Balz. She studied video-, sound and webart at the Department of Time and Space Based Art and graduated as a Master of Fine Art in Art Academy of Helsinki in 2000. She is also specialized in graphic art at the Art Institute of Lahti. Greta-Mari Voijola works mainly on videos and graphics. In her solo exhibitions she constructs so called time-collages by combining still and moving images.