Gunilla Helve

Basic information

b. 1953, Dragsfjärd
Visual Artist
Residence: Helsinki

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Artist’s Statement

My works are grounded on three basic elements: time, colour pigments and beeswax. I use a palette knife to process wax, adding it on a surface in alternate translucent layers and pigmented patterned layers.
I usually work on an aluminium surface, however, I also do smaller works on a traditional canvas with wide wedge frames. The latter technique enables the patterns to run over the edges, thus, emphasising the physical essence of my work. The aluminium enables thicker wax surfaces,therefore also adding to the threedimensionality of the larger works.
In entirely, my method requires plenty of patience, already due to the fact that the adding of layers, as well as the handling of the material presupposes repetition. This adds to the meditativeness of my work. Moreover, it highlights positively the arbitrery nature of the result; I like this method precisely for the reason that with every piece I am met by the same challenges between the intention and the materialised result. These two, the vision and the real, might not ever even meet.