Eveliina Hardi

Basic information

b. 1980
Visual Artist
Residence: Helsinki

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Artist’s Statement

Eveliina Hardi has compiled series of works reflecting her observations of nature, especially during travelling, as well as her sense of discernment of the small details, leading to unusual, imaginative spaces. Her art works are often highly sensitive.

Eveliina’s artworks are executed using methods designed to explore the relationships between different materials, colours and structures, often impacting the audience both emotionally and physically.

She manipulates canvas by breaking and sewing it to get a powerful texture for her soft sculptures, paintings and unique cloths. Her works represent a skillful mix of craftsmanship and Fine Arts.

Eveliina grew up in a small city that was surrounded by forests and lakes. When she was a child, her mother had a sewing room where she was able to play with different materials; this is where she first experienced making clothes.

Later on, when she started her art studies, she learnt how to make patterns that opened a new way of working with different materials. Colours soon became an important part of Eveliina’s art, especially in her three dimensional paintings.