Heikki Mäki-Tuuri

Basic information

b. 1947, Tuuri
Visual Artist, Painter
Residence: Ylistaro

Contact information

Phone number: 0400480654

Artist’s Statement

painter oil colour water colour
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Heikki Mäki-Tuuri
studied at the Finnish Art Academy School,Helsinki 1968-72.
-paints the distinctly modern depictions of todays rural living with robust lines and strong colours as his means.
My grandmother and grandfather Maria and Matti Mäki-Tuuri were settlers in Marquette,USA during 1905 to1912.At first they lived in the Temperance Movements house.Later they had a house outside the town.My grandfather loaded iron ore to ships and my grandmother had a boortti,a boardinghouse for workers.They moved back to Finland,mainly on relatives requests and bought some land in a village of Tuuri.They built a house according to American plans-large and different from its neighbours.I was born in the upstairs of this house.