Minna Herrala

Basic information

b. 1964, Hankasalmi
Visual Artist, Painter, Photographic artist
Residence: Seinäjoki

Contact information

Phone number: +358417512948

Artist’s Statement

As a visual artist a with an inquisitive mind, I am interested in human and animal behaviour and the way we treat each other and nature.
Some questions are of utmost importance to me, like why do we value people of different origins differently and, in the same sentence, do we, and how do we, consider the welfare of the nature, the environment and the animals?
Why do we expect gratitude after being sympathetic?
Show biography

Current information

2019 Gallery 5, Cable Factory, Animalistic, Helsinki
2018 PINK - Exhibitions supporting Finnish Cancer Foundation, Ava Gallery Finland, 4W43 Gallery and United Nations Headquarters, New York
2018 La Continuita, Finnish Artists´ Studio Foundation, Rantakasarmi Gallery, Sveaborg, Finland
2017 Together, Bothnia Artist``s Association, Seinäjoki Art Hall
2017 Artist of the month of January (art lending), Seinäjoki Arthall
2016 Bothnia Biennale, The Youth, Science and Consciousness-project, Vaasa Art Hall
2015 Beyond Borders, Seinäjoki Arthall , Finland
2015 Exposure Award -See Me , Still Life Collection,Louvre, Paris


Techiques: Painting,photograph,monotype, installation and drawing
Technique serves the Idea.