Irma Tonteri

s. 1955, Janakkala, Finland
Visual Artist, Graphic Artist/Printmaker
Residence: HELSINKI

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Artist’s Statement

As a material, paper is important to me in many ways, but especially for the symbolic meanings it holds.
The basis in my works is the lightness of life, its temporary nature and perishableness. Paper is the same. I use many different types of japanese papers which are all light, translucent and have a strong material feeling.
In some works I have highlighted the translucency with shellack treatment. This varnish influences how the paper "sounds", which could be thought of as the paper's ”voice” and feel. Varnished paper's voice is sharp, almost jingling.
Unvarnished paper in turn is soft and feather-like, with movements by air currents. A part of the concept of my work is the way the work moves in the air, showing how the piece is alive breathing, especially reacting to presence of humans.
This is why it is only appropriate that their visibility affects their being, and the works are brought to life by the viewers' movements, breath and even touch.
The passing of time expressed as presence and disappearance has been theme in a lot of my works where I explored the exictance and understanding of this dynamic.