Jari Arffman

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b. 1965, Kajaani
Artist photographer
Residence: Tampere

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Phone number: +358 40 7290 480

Artist’s Statement

"Jari Arffman’s photographs become compositions in the emulation of light and shadow, capturing a passing, the absence of being.

We see lightning before we hear its sound. A bare table left with the remmants of rain glimmering in the light forming patterns on the surface of our imaginations. Arffman uses these traces to subdue the light and bend our attention elsewhere.

Sidewalks wearing its shadows instead of its curbs. We know they are there but they sit beyond our vision. Arffmans’s photographs suggest what’s residing behind what we can’t touch. We can smell the scent of the ocean before we reach its shore. It lives on the scents our wanting it to be. Jari Arffman at his best captures these vestiges of want and illuminates his compositions by leading us into moments of the vanished."

- Timothy Persons, creator and co-director of Persons Projects, Adjunct Professor at Aalto University, School of Arts, in Exhibition Catalogue: Jari Arffman, Counterparts – Vastinparit, Musta Taide, Kajaani art museum publications, Hämeenlinna 2007
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