Jari Arffman

Basic information

b. 1965, Kajaani
Artist photographer
Residence: Tampere

Contact information

Phone number: +358 40 7290 480

Artist’s Statement

"Jari Arffman masters brilliantly black and white photography and excels superbly in the art of exploiting the effect of shadows in his artworks. To whichever remote place he takes his camera, his images convey the feeling of having followed the path until its very end. Still he keeps silent about the painful, lonely but intertwined paths that have guided him to these particular image settings. Only at the end, at the last viewpoint, does he invite the spectator to witness and share with him miracles of the world.

Jari Arffman discovers or rather explores these locations free of geographical constraints; places that we all believe to know somehow – through lost memories, forgotten questions, missed glances. Jari Arffman’s images invoke an experience of déjà vu accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity; they are images of our time."

- Ulrich Haas-Pursiainen, curator