Juho Nikkilä

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b. 1979, Hong Kong
Visual Artist, Media Artist, Painter, Photographer

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Artist’s Statement

About digital works

I deal with structures in my works. These structures are about human made constructions and man's will to understand working mechanisms in nature. Nature has the will to spread and conquer, and greedy mankind, being part of the nature, fills the world with its constructions and technologies. There is a threat that this greediness of man will turn out to be fatal to mankind.

I used photos and computer graphics as materials for my pictures that are made by combining intuitively images and digital technology. In digital paintings I have addressed nature, painting with my computer and letting the composition be formed intuitively.

I also combine fractal renderings to my works. Fractal renderings are images created not by light or hand, but computer technology and mathematical functions that create a "chaos game". When we are looking at fractals, we are looking at portraits of chaos. In my works fractals also symbolize continuity, recurrence and complexity.

When I make works about nature, the main subject is mystery that is evident in nature. We try to understand nature as good as we can. We create complex theories that are only estimations and the more we investigate, the more questions we have. It's like fractal nature of science. Some theory might work in a macro scale but when we are dwelling deeper into micro cosmos, new questions will arise. We still don't understand thoroughly where we are living. Science can be compared to any set of believes, and some things remain always unknown.

My digital work is finished when it's printed and lit from above or underneath. Details become visible as planned when the size is large enough, which means a notably bigger size than resolution on/in a computer screen. Preparing one picture typically takes several months, and during this time I examine how different technical solutions have an effect on a final visual output of work. What matters in the end is the final picture, technology used in the making process is less important.