Kaija Mäenpää

s. 1960, Helsinki
Visual Artist, Painter

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Phone number: +358503519584

Artist’s Statement

The space in my paintings is both three-dimensional and pictorial. The viewer can open and close the ‘doors’ or ‘wings’ of the works, in which the spatiotemporal character is sedimented.

One consequence of the three-dimensionality is that the painting and the viewer share the same space with each other. Likewise, the size of the works, originating from the human body and spaces such as rooms, creates corporeal dimensions to the interaction between person and painting. The paintings overlap the borders of genre and question dichotomies. My painting combines corporeality and spirituality, subject and object, presence and memory, experience and thought.

Time takes on several meanings in these works, in addition to the temporal process of the viewer. For example, the movement of a person’s hand and face depicted as a sequence of shapes or shadows are presentations of time – as if there were mirrored situations on canvases, and those situations open up mental reflections. In the works there are also numbers, signifying clock time. These notations of time are painted with thick paint, and they give a context for the shift from objective time to subjective temporality.
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Current information

Solo exhibitions:

Galleria Duetto, Helsinki

Galleria Valo, Arktic Centre, Rovaniemi


Born 1960 in Helsinki
lives and works in Helsinki

visual artist, painter

Studies in fine arts:
Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
1985–1989, 1990;
1996–98 MFA

Recent exhibitions:

Solo exhibitions:
Galleria Mältinranta, Tampere
Galerie Pleiku, Berlin
Stora Galleriet, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
Taidesalonki – Konstsalongen, Helsinki
Galleria Ulrico, Vaasa
Galleria G, Helsinki

Group exhibitions:
Bela Biennial, Galerie Scenario, Rio de Janeiro
Artists Books, Galleria Katariina, Helsinki
Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki
Scoletta della Bragora, Venezia