Lars Holmström

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b. 1949, Tampere
Visual Artist
Residence: Tampere

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Phone number: +358400628828

Artist’s Statement

LARS HOLMSTRÖM, visual artist

The art of Lars Holmström is investigative by nature. It appeals to perception more than to emotion. Artworks are highly materialistic, the relief paintings in particular, which are tangible objects in real space. The works hold the gaze of a viewer without leading it elsewhere. The essential elements are colours and forms, which form the basis of an artwork, and are infinitely enticing to Holmström. The study of them forms the logical, methodical foundation of his art.

Holmström´s recent body of works has included paintings and prints as well as public works related to large-scale construction projects. His constructivism is particularly suitable in those. Digital graphics utilizing photography has brought a more unconstrained touch into his pictures. There are several subcategories to digital graphics ranging from computer generated graphics to prints made of pictures scanned from real objects. Judging from the spectrum of his methods Holmström seems to have examined nearly all the options this tool has to offer.

Using photography also means that figurative elements are carried into Holmström´s works, which is otherwise uncharacteristic to his abstract art. Digital image is often the main subject matter of the work, although it is used mainly as a structural element, not as an image itself. The prints in the Mysterion series are based on geometric forms found in stone floor paving. Holmström allows the irregularity of it to guide him also in colour design as he puts to use the imprints on worn-out stones. In the end, however, he reverts the figurative elements to visual beings, which, estranged, serve first and foremost the overall visual orchestration. Even the use of abundant materials results in a controlled whole.

Occasional viewer may notice the beauty of the surface and construction as such, while a more attentive observer may also detect various systems, deviations and planes one within the other. They are pictorial epiphanies, consequences of deliberate work processes refined into a technique in the hands of a professional artist. But there is also a strong intuitive side in these processes. Holmström talks about source images, visual starting points, which gradually generate into actual works. These starting points are very likely some sort of movements in consciousness, observations before the subject is conceptualized. Maybe they are born while looking at life through art. In any case, they put forward the process of form-giving, which does not necessarily stop at the finished work, but continue its flow in the mind of a viewer.

One feels that this is exactly what it´s supposed to be.

Tapio Suominen
Tampere Art Museum, Tampere, Finland
Chief Curator
Show biography

Current information

Tampereen Art Museum 8.6.-11.8.2019, Tampere, Finland, Lars Holmström – "LXX-spectrum", relief paintings,paintings, constuctions and videoworks. Retrospektive 1972-2019.

Mältinranta Art Center, Gallery 8.6.-25.6.2019, Lars Holmström – LXX-digit, digital graphics 1988-2019 and serigraphics 1972 and 2010


1973 Graduated from the Lahti Art School, painter, Lahti, Finland
1977 A member of the Association of Finnish Printmakers, Finland
1980 A member of the Finnish Painters' Union, Finland
1980-90 Teacher and director of the Kankaanpää Art School,
Kankaanpää, Finland
1992-05 Chairman of the Tampere Artists' Association, Tampere, Finland
1991-92 Director of the Art Department in the Tampere School of Art and Media, Tampere, Finland
2005 Third prize in the 10th European Biennial Competition for Graphic Art, Brügge, Belgium
2012 Prize in the 3rd International Biennale of Graphic Digital Arts – Gdynia, Poland
2015 Honorary Mention in the Miniprint Kazanlak, Kazanlak, Bulgaria

2018 “Recta – Regulus ”, Galleria 68, Helsinki, Finland
2016 “Regio”, Galleria 68, Helsinki, Finland
2014 ”Relatio”, Not’Art Galleria, Siracusa, Italy
2013 Gallery G12, Helsinki, Finland
2009 Galleri Kronan, Norrköping, Sweden
2004 Kim Nae Hyun Art Gallery, Kuyngki-Do, Seoul, South Korea

2018 9th International Printmaking Biennial Douro, Douro, Portugal
2017 45th International Print Award ”Carmen Arozena”, Madrid, Spain
3rd Global Print, Alijo, Portugal
2016 5th International Biennale of Graphic Digital Arts – Gdynia, Poland
International Biennial Print Exhibit: ROC, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 2nd Global Print, Alijo, Portugal
Sint-Niklaas Printmaking Biennial and Competition, Belgium
2014 4th International Biennale of Graphic Digital Arts – Gdynia, Poland
”Interferente”, Bucharest Fringe, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2013 “Mondrianisation”, Espace 59, Paris, France
Land-Art ”insomnia”, Ignis and Satra Mountain, Maramures, Romania
2012 International Print Exhibition Yunnan, Kunming City, China
7th International Print Triennale Colour in Graphic Art, Torun, Poland
2011 8th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints, Kochi, Japan
Art Edition, Seoul International Art Fair, Seoul, Korea

2017 ”Gemma”, installation; 5 steel constructions, Tampere, Finland
2016 ”Ornament of Aino”, colour artwork, Järvenpää, Finland
2015 ”Reflexus 2x4”, installation; 8 steel constructions and colour design, Tampere, Finland