Leena Golnik

Basic information

b. 1946, Helsinki
Graphic Artist/Printmaker
Residence: Vantaa

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Artist’s Statement

I have lived almost my whole life in the city, but the environment has been like the countryside. This has influenced on my art very much. I am especially interested in nature and animals.

My works tell about life symbolically through animals because it is easy for me to be friends and associate with them.

The ideas for my works are developing and changing during time so it is difficult to explain their true origin.

My own workshop gives me the opportunity to work alone in silence as if I were working in peace of nature. For me this kind of concentration is important in this long tensioned and tough type of art.

I make graphics in both by intaglio and now mainly by pvc-engraving.

Through my works I want to bring good feelings about nature and animals because they are really important in spontaneity and emotions.

I wish that, when looking at my art, you can also find your own life stories in there and could look forward with new ideas and expectations in your future world.

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