Livkamal Kaur Enkola

s. 1974, Jyväskylä
Visual Artist
Residence: Helsinki

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Artist’s Statement

By The Divine Grace I have arrived to the gates of spiritual art. I pray God to attach me to His service. From my heart I bow and offer Him my life. He is the love, beauty, colors and forms flowing through me. May I serve Him and His creation through painting . May I be a hollow bamboo, through which manifests the eternal sweet song of The Beloved One. There is so much magnificence and I´m experiencing endless wonderment at the feet of the True Creators masterpieces . Light of my Soul sings through art . Today I live and paint feeling joy from this gift, without attachment.

Ek Ong Kaar Sat Naam Siri Wahe Guru –Guru Nanak
God is One. Truth is God’s Name. The ecstasy of this wisdom is Great beyond words.