Maija Albrecht

b. 1967, Turku
Graphic Artist/Printmaker
Residence: Degerby

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Maija Albrecht is an artist and a printmaker. Her primary technique is dry point. Her works relate to old natural scientific illustrations. Plants and birds are frequent motifs. Even though these images are based on observation of reality they fascinate bon account of something unidentifiable. These images intrigue because of the relationship between the subconscious and the observation, between the imaginary and the sharply seen. What is meticulously drawn blends with emotions and fantasy.
Maija Albrecht graduated as Master of Fine Arts at The Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 1998. She has exhibited both in Finland and abroad. She has worked as a teacher, i.a. as lecturer in printmaking at The Academy of Fine Arts 2004–2014. She is represented in several public collections both at home and abroad.