Merja Nykänen

s. 1967, Sääminki
Visual Artist, Painter, Installation Artist
Residence: Vaajakoski

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Artist’s Statement

I am a spacial artist from Jyväskylä working with various materials and forms that are chosen in relation to the subject. For the past fifteen years, I have tried to use art as a way to bring forth different aspects of life as valued by society.

Recently I have been thinking about ”women’s tendencies”. Women’s tendency to exaggerate, to cry, to be weak, to be victims. Women are willing, compliant and agreeable. We give in to our children, out of habit, to our husbands. Through this I would like to bring forth discussion on women’s versatile strength and ability to feel empathy, which is still considered a weakness instead of a strength.

I am also dealing with subjects of concession, lack of courage and exposure. I would like to separate a woman’s similar exterior world from her emotional universe.

My large, human-like and sized artwork are made from paper mâché, and the titles are usually adjectives such as obligatory, acceptable and concessive.