Merja Nykänen-Naukkarinen

s. 1967, Pieksamäki

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Phone number: 0403289747

Current information

A short artist presentation in english

My name is Merja Nykänen-Naukkarinen, and I'm a Finnish sculptor and ceramic artist. In my sculptures, I use clay with a glaze as a basic material. I make all of my works by my bare hands. Theme of my works are usually based on humans, mythological characters, animals or items. My works usually tells a little story, and they are made to make their viewers smile. I've had a lots of solo exhibitions and I've participated to many group exhibitions in Finland. In abroad, I've participated in a group exhibition in Denmark in 2001 and in last year I was a part of an invited Finnish artist group which gathered together to Argillà Italy 2012 ceramic festival in Faenza, Italy.

In this year, I will be participating to Parallax Art Fair in London and an art fair called Art Meet in Milan, Italy. See you there!