Mirimari Väyrynen

s. 1976, Helsinki
Visual Artist
Residence: Helsinki

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I´m a Finnish visual artist working with themes of ecology. My artistic work is based on investigation of human´s relationship with nature and world through motives of landscape. I´m interested in contemporary landscape as a process, as an embodiment of cultural and societal values, yet subordinate to globalisation, pollution and technology. I work mainly by painting. Nevertheless, I understand painting closely related to space, time and objects and create installations which take their final form in an exhibition space.
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Mirimari Väyrynen
born 1976 in Helsinki, Finland

Väyrynen graduated in 2001 at Turku Arts Academy, Finland. As part of her BA degree she studied in the Provincial Art Academy Joaquim Tejada in Santiago de Cuba in 1997-1998. In 2013 she graduated at the University Aalto Helsinki with MA degree.

Väyrynen works by painting and makes installations. She has exhibited individually recently in Forum Box, Helsinki and Blanca Soto Gallery, Madrid. Besides her works have been shown in group exhibitions in Canada, Cuba and US and in Europe e.g. in Kunstahal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Kunsthalle Helsinki, CentroCentro, Madrid and in Contemporary Art Museums of Málaga and A Coruña, Spain.

She has been awarded with several Art Prizes in Spain such as the Art Prize of the University Museum of Alicante (XIII EAC, 2013), Andalusian Government´s Art Prize for Female Artists (2010), First Prize in Emporvima´s International Art Contest (Madrigueras, 2008) and second Prize for Young Artists (CAC Málaga, 2008).