Mirka Johansson

Basic information

b. 1973, Kokkola
Visual Artist, Graphic Artist/Printmaker
Residence: Kokkola

Contact information

Phone number: +358505740522

Artist’s Statement

In my graphic pictures there´s almost always this same woman. She has joined my journey for almost my half life. Her journey is sleeping images, hopes, moments in the nature and small briefs. If you go really close to her she might answer you back and you will find a little in you in me...

To grow as heal, a human has to be broken first.
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Current information

I´m inbetween the doors and I don`t know whether I´m going or standing still. Time will show what direction I will take.


Born in Kokkola in 1973 Mirka Johansson now lives in Kokkola.

She has held over 100 exhibitions throughout Finland Mirka is a recipient of several prestigious arts scholarships in Finland, and her works are represented in numerous public collections including the The Finnish Government Collection.
The value of Mirka s talents have also been recognized by the publishing industry. As well as a variety of posters and cards she has illustrated several books. She har published two books with Tommy Tabermann, a finnish famous poetwriter born 1947- 2010.
In 2013- 2014 she was the chairman of the Ostrobottnian artist accosiation.

Yksinäinen tyttö ja Yksisarvinen ( the lonely girl and the unicorn ) Gummerus, 2003
Rakkaus kirja ( the book of love ) Minerva 2008