Nella Keskisarja

Visual Artist, Installation Artist, Public Artist, Environmental Artist
Residence: HELSINKI

Contact information

Artist’s Statement

I think of myself as a painter even though I have been working more with environmental and community art. I want my painter's background to shine through in my works. I have worked in co-operation with the different offices and institutions of the Helsinki municipality and worked with both the staff and residents. I think all art is collective. Paradoxally, a human being experiences his/her individuality in relationship with other people. I often give my environmental works names such as "It could also be like this".

In environmental and collective art I build and I want to build dreams about how things could be and why this is not the case. There is not an inpermeable wall between the environment and an individual.

I alternate between different equipments and materials in my work. I also use help from other artists and specialists in other branches.

Current information

2015-2016 works at Helsinki Artists' Society's summer and Christmas exhibitions.
2016-2018 working with Helsinki Municipality Helsinki Model grant in a community and environmental art project Art Circle (The story of Kannelmäki Shopping Mall).