Outi Aho

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b. 1965
Visual Artist

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I draw. A day without drawing is meaningless. For me, drawing is both visual thinking and physical experience – feeling the mark.

Direct connection to the material, pen and paper, is important. While I am drawing I am negotiating with my rational and irrational thinking, with my intellectual and intuitive mind, and with my head and my hand. My mind is drawing all the time; I compare proportions, explore surfaces and seek lines and marks. I have learned to see whole universe as a drawing.

Creation of my works happens slowly. Concentration to the drawing process is an important. The artworks have been made mostly without sketching, by drawing line after line, marks after marks allowing feelings and unconscious impulses guide through the process.
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Current information

More information and pictures can be found from www.outiaho.fi


Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2015. Turku University of Applied Arts, Arts Academy, Finland.

Master of Arts, Aalto University, 2010. School of Art and Design, Helsinki.

Works at Tampere, Finland. Area of expertice: Drawing, Painting and Electronic Art.