Päivi Allonen (ent. Saari)

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b. 1972, Helsinki
Visual Artist
Residence: VANTAA

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Phone number: +358-40-8322384
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ARTag Gallery, Helsinki,Finland
Solo exhibition 1.3. - 24.3.2019

Imatran Art Museum, Imatra, Finland
18.10. - 9.11.2019


Päivi Allonen (b. 1972)
is a visual artist living and working in Vantaa, Finland. She graduated as a visual artist from Imatra School of Fine Arts in 1998 and as B.A. from Lahti University of Applied Sciences at Institute of Culture and Fine Arts in 2014.
She uses abstract impression, even though her works begin with realistic faces, human shapes and image of water. Her works has been presented in many exhibitions since her debut exhibition in 1999.