Päivi Pussila

b. 1967, Kempele
Visual Artist
Residence: Oulu

Contact information

Phone number: 050 3232 087

Artist’s Statement

For a long time I have been interested in landscape, fields and bushes, forests and trees, humanbeing and humanity.
Through landscape I ended up to human. Being somewhere between these two themes, fees like a good place to be. I have been painting human; bloodveins, brain, heart and eyes.
Regardless of theme, my approach is the same. I am looking for concentrated being. Being in the world is behind my every work, in the presence of being.

Current information

Tulevat näyttelyt:

Pikinen Poloku kesällä 2020

Metsästä, piirustuksia - Drawing Gallery, Helsinki                                     31.8.2020- 16.10.2020

Yksityisnäyttely - Galleria Harmaja, Oulu                                                                    tammikuu 2021

Allergitalon näyttelytila, Helsinki                                                               maalauksia maaliikuu 2021