Pirjo Tikkinen

s. 1959, Saari
Visual Artist
Residence: Parikkala

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Phone number: +358407031290

Artist’s Statement

The most fascinating aspects of nature are its various shapes and colours and the effect that light has on them – the mythical power that resides in nature. Often, a work of art begins from a photograph. The selected technique can be painting, photography or sculpture. “I do not want to confine myself to one technique but let the idea and experimentation lead me to choose a technique that best suits the subject.”

Pirjo Tikkinen is interested in variety of presentations of photography, such as ceramics technology combining and to photograph for coating using the so-called. ”Encaustic photography” technique. “I want to join two-dimensional images with three-dimensional and more physical work with clay. It is important to be physically in touch with the material. The intuitive creative process of a piece can be deemed as a process of awareness, in which an unconscious thought is brought to consciousness by giving it a form.”
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“Now I would sing gentle songs to you”01.11. - 24.11.2018
Art Centre East, Gallery Roikka, Lappeenranta


Pirjo Tikkinen
born 1959, Saari

Master of Culture and Arts, Saimaa university of Applied Sciences 2012-2013
Fine arts, Saimaa university of Applied Sciences 2008-2012
Empowering photography, South Carelian Summer university 2010
Fine arts, South Carelian Vocational College 2005-2008

ceramics, photography, painting