Saija Koponen

b. 1980, Lohja
Visual Artist, Painter
Residence: Helsinki

Contact information

Phone number: +358 50 549 4597

Artist’s Statement

As an artist I participate in the work to make the world more humane. To make art is to reflect the world, to stand in the stream of culture and to look both ways, and to pick up issues from our collective consciousness. I am channeling the everyday and mundane world, showing it in a different form, usually presenting a more sublime way of seeing things.

My main medium is painting. For me, painting means interaction, loving and feeding curiosity, empathy and insight. It’s my way of connecting with the world and with other people. My process of making art starts with collecting images and thoughts. The Sources are music, movies, popular culture, visual arts and everyday life. I do not value or rank the sources of my work based on their popular or high culture value. Life is valuable as a whole and I perceive it in a holistic way.
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In her paintings, Saija Koponen (b. 1980, Lohja) deals with being a human, corporeality and ways of thinking. Koponen earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in 2009. Since 2010, she has lived and worked in Helsinki. Koponen has had several solo exhibitions and taken part in group and joint exhibitions. Her most recent solo exhibitions have been at the Ars Libera Gallery in Kuopio (2019), the Huuto Gallery (2018) and the tm Gallery (2016/2017) in Helsinki. The previous group exhibition was in Tartu Art Hall (2019) with three other Finnish artists.