Salla Laurinolli

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b. 1976, Iittala,Finland
Visual Artist, Painter
Residence: Hämeenlinna

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In the past few years I’ve been exploring the places and measure points of 1700-1800 centuries research travelers in Northern Norway and Sweden and throughout Finland.

I´m interested in nature, silence, history and perception. In my working process I try to find a balance between the lenses of a romantic landscape painter, the aims of authority within the history of measurement and experiencing the actual place and the journey reaching the place in situ.

My paintings are not results but they are ways of thinking through these experiences.
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04/2019 Galleria Kone, Hämeenlinna


Salla Laurinolli is a visual artist and painter (b.1976) based in Hämeenlinna, Southern Finland.
Laurinolli works mainly with oil and acrylic colors in various sizes from the basis of the nature experience in some specific place.