Samuli Alonen

Basic information

b. 1977, Jyväskylä
Residence: Jyväskylä

Contact information

Phone number: 0400121420

Artist’s Statement

Samuli Alonen (born 1977) grew up in a family where making art was always present and children were encouraged to act on their talent. Samuli who was interested in handicrafts later graduated from Kuopio academy of design in 2000. While studying design, Samuli got interested in working with bronze and right after graduating he desided to start his own business at the Pykälistö watch house area.

In the beginning of his time in Pykälistö, Samuli consentrated on forged pieces and everyday objects. He became more and more interested in bronze and moved from blacksmithing to making bronze work. One of his signature work being the sympathetic "Citybirds" that have flown all over the world. The birds evolve, live and learn with their creator.

Samuli also creates large sized public works from which some can be seen at the Pykälistö area.
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Current information


I was born in Jyväskylä in 1977. I became interested in the arts as a little boy while watching my father Kari work on stone sculptures.

At that time, "Sparkle" came on. My journey continues in Pykälistö area, Jyväskylä. Pykälistö is a former watch house from 1898 and area plays important role in my working life. I work culturally historically valuable milieu. We are developing this area towards Finnish “Cultural Oasis”.

I like working with hard materials. I work with metals and stone. In addition, bronze casting has taken me to a fascinating journey of shapes. I am trying to create works that will bring good mood to viewers. Nature, dreams and imagination inspires me.

I've been doing sculpture since 2000 and participated in the exhibitions in Finland and abroad. In summer 2012 I won Billnäs Young Artist´s Competition. My "Citybird" is my most famous work. In addition, Citybird won the S-Art Award in the spring of 2013. In 2018, I get the national Von Wright Innovation Award.

By nature I am an extrovert and sensitive to new opportunities. My work is based on long-term work and brave material experiments. Still I don’t want to haggle over my artistic goals.

I'm trying to expand my exhibitions to new areas. I hope for the next few
years to get more interesting challenges.