Sara Ahde

Basic information

b. 1979, Oulu
Visual Artist
Residence: Helsinki

Contact information

Phone number: +358442788668

Artist’s Statement

Recently my methods of work have become highly process based.

As an artist, photography and video are my main mediums.
My photography has spontaneous and organic feeling. I use simple and straightforward visual aesthetics to portray everyday life complex situations. In all mediums, my work is designed to encourage the viewers to create their own interpretation of the narrative. I believe my photographs are residue partly remembered events and forgotten moments each of which has fused its own narrative history. The majority of the work I produce uses as its starting point my own personal history; or more specifically, the memories I associate with particular moments in my past.
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After attending Liminka art school in Finland 1999, I moved to London to study for a BA in Fine art in Byam Shaw School of Arts. Since graduation in 2003 I worked as an artist and photographer in London for nine years, until I relocated back to my roots in Finland in 2008. Since then I have worked as a visual artist in my hometown of Oulu as well as in my current city, Helsinki. During my artist career I have held many exhibitions in Finland and a round the world
In my work I use the medium of photography, video and sound. I aim to express myself through simplified and easily approached means that reflect the complexities lingering below the surface of our everyday life. Recently my methods of work have become highly process based.