Silja Puranen

b. 1961, Elimäki
Visual Artist
Residence: Tuusula

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Artist’s Statement

My works bring together the political and the poetical. I create contradiction by paralleling contrasts. Lightness faces
the oppressive, beauty meets the grotesque, humour and melancholy are intertwined. I create bizarre fables featuring animals and other animate or animated creatures – yet the absence of man emphasizes the blindness to the consequences of one's actions, a denial of the inevitable, escape to the role of an

I work on a multidisciplinary basis – the content of the work determines the approach and choice of medium and material.
My works are videos / animations, installations and mixed media works.

Current information

Exhibitions 2019-2020:

"Sprains, Strains and Fractures" -group exhibition
3.9.2019 - 29.9.2019, Forssa Museum Gallery, Forssa (FI)
22.10.2019-3.11.2019, Galerie Pleiku, Berliini (DE)
20.3.2020-26.4.2020, Heinolan Art Museum, Heinola (FI)

Solo exhibitions
31.5.2020-18.6.2020 MUU Studio, Helsinki (FI)