Simo Helenius

s. 1942, Koski TI
Residence: Turku

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Artist’s Statement

I have received a classical art education but through my whole career I have been interested to try new ways of expression and materials. The theoretical starting points of my working and theme selections have been humanity, optimism and playfull and warm hearted humour.

Nowadays my works can be described with the words "simplified figurative sculptures" and "commentative object sculptures".
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Simo Helenius (born in 1942 in Koski Tl, Finland) graduated in sculpture from the Turku Art School in 1969. He started the participation in art exhibitions in 1967 and since then he has participated in many art exhibitions both in Finland and abroad.

As a sculptor Helenius has settled on the figurative expression and the use of many kind of recyckling materials in his works after a wide spectrum of many different art styles for example pop-art, realism and expressionism.