Sirkka Anneli Laakkonen

s. 1945, Hamina
Residence: Espoo

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Phone number: +358405738059

Artist’s Statement

In a creative process we make something which has never been there. I have always admired the old Egyptian Art thousands of years ago with beutiful lines and colours. Still I my concept of painting is very close to the Minoan Art in Crete more than 3500 years ago. They had flowers swaying in sweet wind as well as people in their everyday activities. It was happy art with positive feelings for people. I also paint my life. Being an artist gives me an ability to see objects with an artist's eye; i observe colours and shapes all the time. I create stories of what I have found interesting. An author creates stories by writing, I do not use words. My way is doing it with paint and a brush, painting lines and colours on canvas.
I usually start with a model. Since we have cameras for copying objects it is not enough for me to reproduce them. One more step is needed for a metamorphosis, so that the final result of my work has gone through a transformation to be art.
Art history is all about the ideas of an artist and demands by the society.However, for an artist the hardest demands are in the painting process. It is essential to follow the ways of the painting, listen to what the painting talks to me. An artist has to be sensitive and ready for changes, be alert and make decicions second by second. All my ideas must come from inside me from my heart and soul; so it is quite miraculoius when looking at my art somebody's soul meets mine. With my art I like to give joy and happiness and so make somebody else's life better.
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Current information

Laina, the Art Shopping by the Visual Artists of Espoo Gallery Aarni,Heikintori, Tapiola, Espoo

Taikka Art Shopping, Myllytie 13, Järvenpää.

3.rd exhibition of the 1st International Itinerant Biennale of Art 2018 "Between Dream and Reality", November 21.-29.2018 at La Pigna Gallery - Palazzo del Vicariato Maffei Marescotti , Rome, Italy


Sirkka Laakkonen
Art Education:
Free Art School of Helsinki; Academic Drawing and Painting School, Helsinki; School of Sacred Arts, New York, NYC; Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. Also classes in wood block print making, colour harmony, and sculpure making
She paints figurative paintings with oil, acrylic and water colours, as well as with bees wax.
Exhibitions and Art Fairs:
2017Milano Biennale, Venice Biennale, Italy; Galerie Monod, Paris,2013 Artexpo NYC, USA; La Galleria Pall Mall, London, England; Parallax Art fair, London, England, Central House of Artists, St.Petrsburg, Russia; ArtMeet Gallery, Milano, Italy; Gallery Aarni, Espoo ; 2012 The Bricklane Gallery, London, England; 2012 Auditorium al Duomo, Florence, Italy; Castello Estense, Ferrara, Italy; Laterna Magica, Helsinki; 2012 Heinola Art Museum, Heinola