Tarja Tella

b. 1960, Imatra
Visual Artist, Painter, Community Artist
Residence: Joensuu

Contact information

Phone number: +358(0)505362006

Artist’s Statement

My artistic work is focusing on painting, drawing, photographing and social cases. I work in my studio and sometimes in mental hospital, making visual art with people suffering about mental problems. You may call that art therapy or nursing with pictures, paintings etc. For me art means dialogues between human beings.
Of course painting or drawing or photographing are my own forms of expression. In my opinion very direct flash of my self onto canvas or paper. Often I want my photos looking like paintings. Recently I have painted on acrylic glass and on metal plate.
A painting process is a very physical activity. A painting can be a part in interaction. As its best a painting is not an object, it is a subject.
I have very anxious attitude to protect nature, forests and sees. And support people trying to survive against the pressure that comes from global large-scale industries or ruler states. People have their rights on their ancient landscapes for example Finno-Ugric people in Northern Russia, Lapps in Finland, Indians in United States and Basques in Spain.
Show biography

Current information

2018 N.Y., Oscar ONO's showroom in Chelsea, group exp. (maalauksia)

2018 Japani, Osaka, AVA Art Festival, group exp. (maalaussarja)

2017 Helsinki, Kaapelitehdas, Art Fair Suomi 17, International Art Festival 2017 (valokuva-maalaus)

2017 Jyväskylä, Galleria Becker, solo exp. (maalauksia)

2016 Lappeenranta, 5000m2, yhteisnäyttely (maalauksia)

2016 New York, Saphira et Ventura Gallery, group exp. (maalauksia)

2015, Helsinki, HORTUS SANITATIS, Galleria G, solo exp. (maalauksia)

2015, Pieksämäki, Maisema, SKjL, Kulttuurikeskus Poleeni (prosessitaideteos)

2015, Joensuu, Ah!Jo!, Katsaus Itä-Suomen nykytaiteeseen (Pohjois-Karjala, Etelä-Savo, Pohjois-Savo), Joensuun taidemuseo ONNI ja Taidekeskus Ahjo

2014 helmikuuu, Pietari (Venäjä), STS:n Ateljeeasunto, Pietarin Suomi-instituutti, Suomitalo


2011, Saksa, Berliini, Galerieforum Berlin am Meer, Group Exhibition of Finnish Contemporary Art (maalauksia)

2011, Yhdysvallat, New York, opintomatka mm. MoMA, Guggenheim, New Museum of Contemporary Art, Chelsea Art Museum, Chelsea Art Gallery District, streets & corners & people of the city!

2011, Helsinki, Galleria Be´19, solo exp. (maalauksia)

2012, Joensuun taidemuseo ONNI/ Studio, "Toinen, minä", solo exp.&yhteistyö. Näyttelyssä hoidollisissa tilanteissa ja luovan työn eri vaiheissa syntyneet teokset kohtaavat toisensa. Teokset ovat esillä anonyymeinä.

2013, Kemiö, arSboretum 13, Westers & Galleria Pirkko-Liisa Topelius, Hki, kutsunäyttely, (maalauksia)

2013, Tampere, Taidekeskus Mältinranta, ryhmänäyttely, (maalauksia)

2013, Jyväskylä, MOBILE2013@JKL, Galleria RATAMO, Luovan valokuvauksen keskus



Painter, Visual Artist, Public Artist

Birth: Imatra
Home: Joensuu
Atelje`: Joensuu

f.ex. Finnish Painters´ Union, MUU Artists´ Association,
Finnish Bioart Society,
Joensuu Artists´ Association

Member/ client of KUVASTO ry: Yes

Art Education:
North Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Fine Art, 1996-1997, BA, Visual Artist/Painter

North Karelia College of Applied Art, major studies in Fine Arts (Painting), 1991-1995