Terhi Tuulia Kaakinen

Basic information

b. 1979, Kärkölä
Visual Artist, Sculptor
Residence: Lahti

Contact information

Phone number: 050-5858709

Artist’s Statement

My works are coloured and painted wooden sculptures. My lovely and tiring family life is my inspiration.

I started to make wood sculptures in Institute of Fine Arts in Lahti. I painted before it. Step by step my ideas had something to with wood sculpting.

I love the physicality of sculpturing, the sweat and filing. I work quite impulsively and do also the craziest ideas.
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Current information

Exhibition in Galleria Rankka, in Helsinki from January to March 2019
Solo exhibition in the new Family Center of Porvoo


Terhi Kaakinen is professional wood sculptor, who has graduated from Institute of Fine Arts in Lahti Polytechnics. Her colourful and emotional wood sculptures can be found in several public and private collections, for example in collections of the State of Finland, Lahti Art Museum, Oulu Art Museum and collections of Örebro and Kerava city. Her next exhibition will be in Galleria Rankka in Helsinki in January.