Terhi Tuulikki Vuotto

s. 1977, Helsinki
Visual Artist

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Watercolor Installation

Galleria Katariina
Kalevankatu 16
00100 Helsinki

Open Tu-Fri 11 a.m.-17 p.m.
Sat-Sun 12 a.m.-16 p.m.

A family photo-album imagined and illustrated by an artist. The possible portraits of possible people form an ever changing and forming net of images and stories.

”One summer night while in the artist residence of Kolin Ryynänen in 2011 I was pondering upon the intriguing nature of old photographs. Perhaps I was reading Juhani Ahos novel Juha with the swidden smoking outside, just living out the zeal of Koli. I started visualizing a cavalcade of personas who had lived a long time ago or maybe were still living, thinking at the same time of the mystery held with old, randomly found photos. This same mystery I strive for in my series of water colour paintings I started working on that same summer night.”

Terhi Vuotto (b.1977) graduated from the Arts Academy of the Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2004 and has since exhibited her work solo. Terhi Vuotto and the Family Ryynänen -exhibition is the most comprehensive of her projects so far.