Tiina Marjeta

b. 1970, Göteborg/ Ruotsi
Visual Artist
Residence: Imatra

Contact information

Phone number: 044-2940799

Artist’s Statement

I became an artist, because of the fact, that art is a language that allows you to communicate with
people in a nonverbal and diverse environment. I often deal with humanity in my works. I am interested
in psychology as the content of creating art. I think it can be seen as one of the philosophic way of
thinking. I am fascinated by the presence of good and evil, true and false, ugly and beautiful, and their
contradiction in people and things. It is the starting point of my artistic activity, which I have dealt with
more and less consciously from the very beginning of my career.
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Tiina Marjeta os. Piirala on syntynyt v.1970 Ruotsissa Göteborgissa.