Tuomo Kukkonen

Basic information

b. 1958, Sulkava
Visual Artist
Residence: Sulkava

Contact information

Phone number: 0505916116

Artist’s Statement

I graduated as a visual artist from the art school Maa, Helsinki, 1997-2001.
My paintings continue to depict relationship with nature. I observes in my works events on the land and in the sky. Over the years the theme has become more and more minimalistic. The events in the horizon have moved so far that there is hardly any indication left. In the foreground the land or the water is painted with clear and vivid brushstrokes. In contrast to that paints the sky with softer touch and tones.

There is also a bit of my own life span in my paintings. The stripe of land or water has narrowed and the sky has grown wider. This ratio, through perspective, creates an illusion of the vanishing horizon, describing the continuous life-long journey. There is still longing and nostalgia in my works, but more and more silence and peace.

Current information

Solo exhibition, Gallery G12, Helsinki, in 2021

Group exhibition, Gallery of Church of St. Antoine of Padois, Sokolov, Czech Republic, in 2021