Tuula Heikkilä

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b. 1974, Vantaa
Residence: Lapinjärvi

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Phone number: +358407421334
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Tuula Heikkilä (Heikkilä-Özgür) is a Finnish painter living in Vantaa, Finland. Tuula Heikkilä has been an active painter since 2005 after her graduation from Free Art School in Helsinki. She studied ecology and environmental sciences in Jyväskylä University where she did her Master’s Degree in 2000.

Tuula Heikkilä’s paintings explore our surroundings, manmade or natural constructions in places where the two mingle with each other. Journeys to South-East Brazil in 2003 and to Nepal in 2008 were a trigger to the examination of landscapes and forests´ architecture. The travels in Northern Nepal gave a start for the first paintings under the title Wayfaring. Tuula Heikkilä’s works are markings from those expeditions in space and mind. The medium of her paintings is oil color in addition to acrylic and different pastels.

Tuula Heikkilä has had solo and group exhibitions in several cities in Finland.