Parasta ennen 20.12.2012

Tiina Hölli: Parasta ennen 20.12.2012

Keywords: artist´s book taiteilijakirja multipartite work moniosainen kooste kokoontaittuva kirja muistiinpano dokumentti päiväkirja työhuonepäiväkirja maisema vuoristo jäätikkö enso muste piirros teksti tekstaus tussi leima mitätön japanilainen maya 20.12.2012 21.12.2012 joulukuu dokumentointi aika ajanjakso rajattu hetki meditointi keskittyminen ennustus numerologia vuoden pimein hetki talvipäivänseisaus

Best before 20.12.2012.

A diary 10 - 31.12.2012.

Artist´s book.
Acrylic, ink, pencils, stickers, paper,
size folded 35,5 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm, size opened 180 cm x 600 cm.

It is the darkest moment of the Dragon.
The period changes in The Mayan Calendar
on The Winter Solstice 21.12.2012,
on The Invincible Sun´s Day.
The last numerologically
significant moments of the century are
12.12.12 12:12:12 and 20.12.2012 20:12.
It is the right time to focus on,
to assemble the pieces together
and to create something new.

Or not.

This will pass, also, as all, and nothing feels like anything

What do we get when, to the one who waits, is given
bunch of blue pens, a stack of paper
and the period 10-31.12.2012?
What happens ???

At least the by-product was a new Artist´s Book,
which told itself.

Artist's Book "Best before 20.12.2012"
was the 11-day-product
in the period 10 - 31.12.2012
as I practiced drawing Ensos
before beginning the actual work.

Artist´s Book "Best before 20.12.2012"
is part of a series of works called Spinn-Off - Sivutuote,
it is closed in size 35.5 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm
and opened its size is 180 cm x 6 meters.

This Artist´s Book was exhibited opened
in Salo Artists´ Association´s exhibition space Repliikki 15.1-14.2.2013.

Foto from a solo exhibition in Repliikki, Salo 2013

Art & Foto: ©Tiina Hölli