Age-Elisa Riekkinen

s. 1970, Tallinna
Visual Artist
Residence: Kirkkonummi

Contact information

Phone number: +35840 55 33 820

Artist’s Statement

I work with two different techniques. I paint in acrylic and I print using linography. I draw and paint portraits, and I create other works on commission.
Ideas come from the environment. Everyday family life, politics, and current events mix together into a creative whole and emerge through the filter of emotions, withouth forgetting my past and my origins. My style is representational, I often use animal figures that hold a strong symbolic value.
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Current information

18.11-14.12.2018 PRINTTI VI
Valtakunnallinen pienoisgrafiikan näyttely
Nokian taidetalo, Nokia

The 3rd International watercolour biennale Vietnam 2019
Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum, Vietnam


Myth and Innovation Contemporary Artists from Finland
Imago Mundi Book:
Born in Tallinn, the artist has lived in Finland since 1991. She completed her studies in painting at the Kankaanpää Art Shool in 1998 and later continued her education, studing also pedagogy. Her works have been displayed in solo and group exhibitions in Finland and Estonia. In her production Riekkinen reflects on integration and on whether the co-existence of two cultural heritages makes the migrant’s identity weaker or stronger. A recidency in Matera (Italy) has influenced her more recent production.