Anne Marjut Pehkonen

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b. 1954, Varkaus
Visual Artist, Environmental Artist
Residence: Hammaslahti Joensuu / Härmälä Tampere

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Artist’s Statement

I make environmental art, performances, videotapes and community art.

Working with nature fascinates me.
I work with used and discarded materials and natural materials.

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Current information

Blooming Stone Field 2015-2017-, Environmentalart project

In Summer on the Blooming Stone Field are working:
-Tuomo Airasmaa Joensuu
-Veikko Björk Porvoo
-Jorgen Lund Roskilde
-Anne Pehkonen
-Pernille Toft-Lund Roskilde

Snowball-open performance 15.12.2017,St.Petersburg Russia

Niva Envirnmentalart weeks and in June,in July and in September.

6.6. – 12.6.2016
-Anneli Timonen Kitee
-Vladimir Zorin Petrozavodsk
-Viktoria Zorina Petrozavodsk

11.6.2016 Open Community day

25.7. - 31.7.2016
-Veikko Björk Porvoo
-Maria Vlasova and Alexander Mitroshin ,St.Petersburg

5.9.- 12.9.2016
-Pernille Toft-Lund,Roskilde
- Terttu Repo-Tarma,Liperi

7.9.and 9.9. and 12.9.2016
Evironmental art workshops for school children of Hammaslahti school

Address:Nivanlammintie 91,82200 Hammaslahti,Village Niva,Joensuu.

May 2016 Project info exhibition, in Aula gallery of Kohina Gallery, Joensuu.
and in June Library of Pyhäselkä,Hammaslahti
Blooming Stone Field 2015 -2017 environmental art at the rural landscape of Niva Joensuu in North Karelia.

SUMMER 2015:
Foundations work and
Community days:
10.6.2015 and 28.7.2015
at 10-16 o`clock.

open performance
2008-2018 against clobal warming.


Snowball the Symbol of the Climate Change.

Snowball performance combines the participating audience
and the sense of community. The performance deals with
a global question bringing it closer to people, making
everyone to be a part of the solution. Everyone matters to the
welfare of our environment. The performance tells about the
private and shared experience, thoughts and feelings about
the climate change.
In the Snowball performance everyones crocheting is
important and anyone can participate by crocheting the
strings made of white plastic bags. The crocheting combines
together making a huge snowball. Year by year the ball
grows bigger and bigger and carries with it a multicultural
The project begun in 2008 while I was working at the
artist residence in Kioto. I made crocheting with the local
people and together we ended up to have a white ball, made
of 39 plastic bags, diameter being 15 centimetres. Now the
Snowball is still rolling and growing – and has visited already
Japan, Spain, Andorra, Sweden, Norway, Russia,Estonia and Finland!

Works from the artist


Anne Pehkonen
Visual Artist 2003,Environmental artist,Performance artist
Physiotherapist 1976-2005

Blooming Stone Field 2015 – 2017 Environmental art at the rural landscape of Niva in Joensuu,North Karelia.Founder and Manager.

Koli-Environmental art festival.Founder member.Manager 2013.


Snowball-open performance 2008-2018.
Snowball the Symbol of the Climate Change.
The performance deals with
a global question bringing it closer to people, making
everyone to be a part of the solution.