Annu Kapulainen

Basic information

b. 1975, Helsinki
Visual Artist, Painter
Residence: Helsinki

Contact information

Phone number: 0405112011

Artist’s Statement

My main theme as an artist is the human being. I seek to describe the world and its phenomena through people or still life objects. In my art I often work with social and psychological themes and the contrast between man and nature.

Oil painting is my main technique, but I also use mixed media and I do some installations too. Some of my works are done in a more graphic manner and painted with a limited palette, mixing charcoal drawing and painting on canvas. Composition is very important to me in creating pictures. My works are often parts of a larger series of a certain theme and I choose the technique and dimensions depending on the idea.

In addition to my artistic work and exhibition activity I do portrait orders – both private and official ones. In these I take use of the classical art education that I got in Moscow, according to the Russian tradition of realistic painting.
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Current information

paintings and installation
Gallery Rantakasarmi
Suomenlinna C 1, Helsinki, Finland

Open hours: Tue-Thu 12-5.30 pm, Fri-Sun klo 11.30-4 pm

Works from the artist