Bambu Hellstedt

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Visual Artist, Painter, Performance Artist
Residence: Helsinki

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Phone number: +358400553800

Artist’s Statement

My art has been and is a lifelong study of the multiplicity of humans and life - and now especially in the light of the fast technical evolution. The total change of environment and the impudence of human beings with how much can this globe of ours bear has made me think and paint/draw about what really is important in life and what is not.
My main interest is human being - all what we are both physically and mentally and COLORS!
Just simply pure love of colors and the silent drumming of my brush touching the canvas!
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Current information

  • PINK OCTOBER, AVA Gallery 07. - 25.10.2020, Helsinki

  • HAA Gallery Suomenlinna 01. -25.10.2020 "Art & Time

  • Galleria Pirkko-Liisa Topelius 05.  - 24. October, 2021 Helsinki,

Works from the artist


Bambu Hellstedt lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Her paintings and drawings have been shown in museums, galleries and festivals in Europe, Asia, Russia and North America.

Hellstedt is a drawer as well as a painter using oils, acrylics, tempera and water colours as well as Chinese Ink. She has also done several performances mainly with professional actors. Teacher in Helsinki Artists´ Association Art School and at University of Helsinki.
In her artwork, Bambu Hellstedt wants to be in direct dialogue with her audience. Being also a theatre director by education, she looks at life through the eyes of drama and the center figure is the human being.