Bridget Allaire

s. 1964, Dayton Ohio, USA
Residence: Tuusula

Artist’s Statement

Bridget Allaire is an American-born artist who has been living in Tuusula, Finland for over 25 years.

"Material transformed into an image, the architecture of sound, the arrangement of words and the meaning of movement all seem to spring from a surreal and spiritual reality. The artist is alone in front of a pristine space.
The colors of Bridget Allaire's palette give birth to spaces that are a result of the collisions and combinations between lines and surfaces.
The artist asserts and yet at the same time circumvents something in the work, shuttling within a symbiosis of different art forms. Analytical thought creates a clear brilliance in the work. Musicality melts into the painting, sounds thrive within the image. The riddle is enticing.
The paintings and drawings, with their rhythmically sure, uninhibited emotional reflections, are demanding entities. They remain in one's mind in a troubling way. The meaning won't reveal itself until the puzzle is solved.
The lines and colors don't follow their assumed roles, but rather roam as primal forces, revealing a portal into the figure. This gives us a glimpse into our humanity, a landscape, or an abstract world.

The working method becomes both a clear and confusing adventure into an intellectual and emotional world on a hot rollercoaster, where sparks freeze.

Bridget Allaire is a sharp-eyed explorer. The reward is the inevitable moment of discovery. "
text by Eeva Tervala
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Current information

11.3.-17.3.2019 Goldberg variations taidenäyttely
Espoo Cultural Centre

17.3.2019 klo 15:00 Sellosali,Espoo Goldberg Variations performance version with Tapiola Sinfonietta members

7.6.2019 Riihimäki Goldberg variations performance version with Janne Rättyä


Bridget Allaire is an American-born artist who lives and works in Finland. She paints abstract work which refer to Finnish nature and the phenomena of light. A large portion of her paintings are the result of numerous collaborations with chamber musicians and orchestras in Finland and Scandinavia.