Cata Ahlbäck

Basic information

b. 1962, Mustasaari
Visual Artist, Painter, Graphic Artist/Printmaker
Residence: Vaasa

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Phone number: +358505702871

Artist’s Statement


At the speed of 300 000 kilometers per second, light travels from Earth to the Moon in about 1 second. Sunlight reachers the Earth in about eight minutes. Light from our closest neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda, reaches us in about 2,4 million years.

I try to include the insignificance of the linearity of time in my works. I want to mediate the feeling that time faces us right now; past, present, and future are overlapping events. Concentration on the presence of life is felt as happiness. Now – is the only moment that we have.

The paradoxality of existence, inequality, juxtapositions, good/bad, light/darkness, us/them, freedom/imprisonment are themes which are also interesting to me.

As an artist, I pursue a way of expression which is extensive, critical, honest and true to myself. I reach for the truth. I try to mediate a personal perception of truth in my art. Yet I am aware that it is nearly impossible to reach an absolute truth about life and being. Nevertheless – I seek answers to these questions: How to be? Why to be?

I use graphics, painting and installation / concept / ready-made expression either together or separately in my art.

”Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” - Winston Churchill
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Current information


Cata Ahlbäck is finnish contemporary artist, who lives in Vaasa. She was born in Mustasaari, too.She has studied arts subjects; graphics, painting and drawing in the University of Art and Design Helsinki's open University in 1997-2000.

In the works of Cata Ahlbäck the graphics, painting, installations/ready – made art are combineing. In her graphic works she uses mainly monotype and copy-print based on the photograph.

Her solo exhibitions are based around the theme of the presence. She also has participated in the numerous group exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

Her works are in Finland's State art collections ( 2003 and 2007)

Cata Ahlbäck is the member of Association of finnish printmakers (2005) and Finnish Painters’ Union(2008)