Elisa Matikainen

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b. 1978, Tampere
Visual Artist
Residence: Kökar

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A pencil is rasping in a silent room and draws to a paper. Hand knows what to do, I always don`t; I follow. At its best this intuitive process is meditative, invigorating and usually also unpredictable – and always subjective.

As an artist I am strongly a drawer, but I use also painting techniques and sometimes, for examble, writing. In my work the typical marveling of natural phenomenons and the exploration of often very unnoticeable details is combined with the depiction of the changing and multifaceted experience of existence. In a human being there is a lot of some kind of silence which is difficult to express with words. Working with images is a meaningful way to give a form for that dialogue between the dark and light in a human mind and body .
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Elisa Matikainen (1978-) 2009 Master of Arts / The Aalto University School of Art and Design, Helsinki. 2002-2004 Art School MAA, Helsinki. 1998-2002 Kuopio Academy of Design / The Department of Ceramics. Visual artist; mostly drawing and painting techniques. Several solo exhibitions in Finland. Group exhibitions in Finland, Brazil and Japan. Works in collections: Kiasma the Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki; Private collections.